Support Country of Origin Labeling

Montana consumers deserve to know where their meat comes from.

USA currently allows beef and pork from outside the US to be sold as “Product of USA” as long as it is repackaged in a USDA facility. 

American consumers are being deceived despite research showing that most want to know where there food is coming from… It’s time to take action!

We need Montanans to contact your legislator NOW to support SB2716, The American Beef Labeling Act. The legislation seeks to reinstate mandatory COUNTRY OF ORIGIN LABELING (MCOOL) for beef. 
5 ways Truth in Labeling affects our communities:
  1. Consumers can be confident in knowing where their beef and pork was born, raised and harvested.
  2. Foreign imported beef and pork will be labeled as such—not as Product of USA.
  3. Honesty in the marketplace is good for Montana consumers and producers.
  4. Knowing where your food comes from improves food safety and food security of all Montanans.
  5. Montana Producers will recognize and understand a fair market for their beef and pork.

What to Know about Truth in Labeling


Beef & pork born, raised and slaughtered in another country can STILL be labeled Product of USA under current federal law.


Cattle producers lose when international suppliers started putting “mystery meat” on the shelf next to USA grown beef under Product of USA labeling.


A recent poll demonstrated that 87% of Americans want to know where their food comes from.


Write our Montana elected officials and tell them you care about truth in labeling.
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